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We painstakingly prepare every one of our specialists with the necessary training
and equipment to produce professional results.

Preserve your Residential & Business property & assets in a aesthetic way with our professional & insured tree service provider in Pittsburgh, PA. Whether you require cleanup, removal, preservation, trimming or pruning expect Blalock’s Tree service for reliable and affordable services.Give us a call for a free estimate and speak to our office manager for scheduling.

Our Services

Tree Removal

if you need a tree service to help you remove trees that are blocking your view or diseased trees that are threatening to fall on your roof, our experts are ready to help.

Stump Grinding

Providing a variety of benefit, including improving the look and usable space of your yard, removing potential tripping hazards and eliminating a potential insect habitat.


we do a thorough review of what your tree needs to determine the proper solution, which could include crown thinning, dead-wood removal and/or structural pruning.

Storm Damage

Our tree crews are trained to respond to emergency tree work quickly, safely.

Bush Removal

We take care of the Bush so you don’t have to easily and effectively.


Tips & Techniques

it is important to keep in mind that right tree care begins when you choose a tree and that what you do to your tree in its first few years of life will have an effect on its shape, strength, or even its life span. Following these steps will make sure tree gets on the right foot and hold it healthy throughout its life.

  1. Finding a Tree
  2. Selecting a Good Tree
  3. Planting a Tree
  4. The Importance of Mulch
  5. Watering Tree
  6. When to Prune
  7. Keys to Good Tree Pruning
  8. Annual Tree Pruning Steps from Planting to Maturity
  9. How to Identify Pest and Disease Problems

Taking Care of Plants & Trees

One of our favorite things at blalockf tree Service is when taking care of trees and taking care of you align perfectly. That’s why we do our best to trim, prune, or improve the health of trees rather than remove them. When removing them is the only option, we even provide options for replacement. As Certified Arborists, we can transplant large trees to your property effectively and safely!

Our plant and tree care services include services like fertilization, pest and disease control, deep root feeding, and state-of-the-art trunk injections. Our fully-insured workmanship is guaranteed to be both effective and environmentally-friendly. When you want a service that cares for the environment while protecting your property’s value and appearance, call blalockf tree Service!

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